Tuesday 1st October

Travel writing: what next?
10am Bix Manor £10 including coffee, tea and cake

Award-winning Mail on Sunday travel editor Frank Barrett talks to Tom Chesshyre, whose latest book takes in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt; Monisha Rajesh, who embarked on a journey across India by train; and journalist and MailTravel blogger Chris Leadbeater, whose most recent assignments include New Zealand, Kenya and cycling in France.
A Tourist in the Arab Spring – Bradt Travel Guides; Around India in 80 Trains - Nicholas Brealey

Alister McGrath and Lorna Gibb
10am Red Lion £7

Two biographers come together to talk about two great writers of the 20th century, both with local connections – CS Lewis and Rebecca West. It is 50 years since CS Lewis died but his Narnia series still capture the imagination of millions. In this definitive, accessible biography Dr McGrath challenges some of the previously held beliefs about the timing of Lewis’s shift from atheism to theism and Christianity. Dame Rebecca was a passionate suffragist and socialist, though later a passionate supporter of Mrs Thatcher. She had a notorious affair with H.G. Wells, producing their illegitimate son, Anthony. The author of several novels, she is perhaps best remembered for her classic account of pre-war Yugoslavia, Black Lamb, Grey Falcon and for her coverage of the Nuremberg Trials.
C.S.Lewis: A Life – Hodder & Stoughton
West’s World: The Extraordinary Life of Dame Rebecca West - Macmillian

From blog to book
11.30am Bix Manor £10 including coffee, tea and cake

The internet has offered writers a new route into print with an increasing number of bloggers being signed up by publishers. Today two of them talk about their books and how it all happened. Helen McGinn is a former supermarket wine buyer whose unpretentious guide that began with a blog has led to a column in the Daily Mail. Craft expert Maggy Woodley has scored a huge success with Red Ted Art, and written for the Guardian. Two inspiring tales of success. Chaired by Sophie Van Brugen.
The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club: Everything you need to know about wine and much, much more – MacMillan
Red Ted Art – Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids - Square Peg
In association with BritMums

Gaynor Arnold and Lynn Shepherd
11.30am Red Lion £7

A wonderful chance to meet two novelists who weave fact and fiction, both taking key literary figures of the 1800s as their starting points. Their inspirations are, for Lynn, Percy Byshe Shelley and his wife Mary, the author of Frankenstein and for Gaynor, Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. The life of the Shelleys is examined when a young detective, Charles Maddox, takes on a case for the only surviving son of the long-dead poet and his wife. This fictionalised version of the Shelleys suggests new and shocking answers to mysteries that still persist to this day. After her extraordinary success with Girl in the Blue Dress a re-telling of the marriage of Charles and Catherine Dickens, Gaynor has now created characters inspired by the troubling yet tender friendship between Lewis Carroll and Alice. Chaired by Daniel Hahn.
A Treacherous Likeness – Corsair
After Such Kindness – Tindal Street Press

Bix Pantry Lunches
12-2pm Bix Manor £12.50

The Bix Pantry will be providing salad lunches from 12-2 with a selection of meats and fish.

Tarquin OlivierSOLD OUT
1.30pm Red Lion £7

He carries one of the most famous names in British theatre – his father was the inimitable Lord Olivier and his mother the actor’s first wife, Jill Esmond. His stepmothers were Vivien Leigh and Joan Plowright. His godparents included Noel Coward, Sybil Thorndike and Ralph Richardson. It is a star-studded cast but acting was not the chosen career for Tarquin who found his own fulfillment abroad beginning with an expedition following in the footsteps of Livingstone in Africa and by the time he came back to live in London he had visited or worked in 80 countries. Now he regales us with memories of a very different life.
So Who’s Your Mother – Michael Russell

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Sophie Campbell & Fiona Walker
1.30pm Bix Manor £10 including coffee, tea and cake

Another great mix of fact and fiction as Telegraph columnist Sophie joins best-selling novelist Fiona. Some of us might be lucky enough to go to one event of what is known as ‘The Season‘, that collection of sporting and cultural events – including Henley’s own Regatta – that span what passes for our summer. But Sophie decided to examine the whole range of events in one year, including Chelsea Flower Show, Glorious Goodwood and Wimbledon. Who goes and why? And what summer is complete without a big wedding? In the case of Fiona’s new novel it’s Iris Devonshire’s nuptials. A Palladian house beside the Thames, celeb parents, a teenage bride riding up the aisle on a horse, a hellraiser fiancé and a hot air balloon… A recipie for a marriage that no one will ever forget. Chaired by Sophie Van Brugen.
The Season – A Summer Whirl Through the English Social Season – Aurum The Summer Wedding – LittleBrown

Deborah Moggach
SOLD OUT 3pm Bix Manor £10 including coffee, tea and cake

Deborah’s career soared to an even higher plane when her novel These Foolish Things became the hit movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It brought her to an wider audience. Her new book is set again in an hotel, this time not in India but in Wales where Russell ‘Buffy’ Buffery decides that his B&B needs something to attract more guests and comes up with Courses for Divorces. It is another best-seller, so how does she manage success after success? Find out by hearing her talk. In conversation with Monisha Rajesh.
Heartbreak Hotel – Vintage

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Katherine Fry and Rowena Kirton
4.30pm Bix Manor £10 including coffee, tea and cake

Working in publishing for more years than they care to remember, Katherine and Rowena have spent their lives around words and grammar. Where do apostrophes go? Do you struggle with spelling? How about dangling participles or stickler subjunctives? Whether you are just a lover of the English language, a parent struggling to explain the finer details to their children or just want to know more they have the answer. Allow Katherine and Rowena to guide you through the perils, pitfalls and perks of the English language. Chaired by Al Senter.
Grammar for Grown Ups – Chatto

Max HastingsSOLD OUT
6pm Christ Church £10

The former Telegraph editor explains compellingly how WW1 came about and what befell millions of men and women during the first months of battle. He finds the evidence for Austria and Germany taking principal blame for the outbreak overwhelming. While it was a vast tragedy, he argues passionately against the ‘poets’ view’, that the war was not worth winning. It was vital to the freedom of Europe, he says, that the Kaiser’s Germany should be defeated.
Catastrophe : Europe Goes to War 1914 – HarperCollins
Sponsored by Baillie Gifford

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Irvine Welsh
6pm Kenton Theatre £9

Few novelists achieve the iconic status of Irvine, who returns to Henley as the film adaptation of Filth, starring James McAvoy, hits the screens. Skagboys is the prequel to Trainspotting, itself a hugely successful film. Now based in the US, this is a rare chance to hear from one of our leading writers, a truly captivating speaker.
Skagboys – Vintage

Vivek Singh
7pm Bix Manor £8

Vivek Singh is one of Britain’s best-known Indian chefs and has been executive chef of The Cinnamon Club since its launch in 2001. He was classically trained and is a master of Indian cuisine, but he also believes that it should not remain static, but be enhanced and evolved by outside influences. Vivek is one of the most innovative Indian chefs at work in the world today. He appears regularly on television, with many appearances on the BBC’s flagship cookery programme, Saturday Kitchen.
Cinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook – Bloomsbury

Alan JohnsonSOLD OUT
7.45pm Kenton Theatre £12

The only MP to serve on the Blair, Brown and Milliband front benches, and certainly the only Home Secretary to have stacked shelves in Tesco and worked as a postman. He has produced an affectionate and honest childhood memoir, widely acclaimed by the critics. 16 years a Labour MP his early years were spent in Notting Hill before the gentrification at a time of Rachman and racism and rock and roll. His saving grace was his loving mother Lily and an older sister Linda who fought to keep the family together without their feckless father. The poverty and struggle to survive shaped the politician he was to become. In conversation with Lesley Garner.
This Boy: A memoir of a childhood – Bantam Press

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Bix Dinner
8-9.45pm Bix Manor £24

For one night only Bix Manor is offering a special dinner from 8pm – 9.45pm. They will be serving Coq au ‘Laithwaite’s Vin’ along with delicious desserts and a cheese buffet. Vegetarian options will be available.