Antony Beevor Monday April 15 - 04/15/2019 06:30 pm £15.00 (1 ticket and 1 book), £25.00 (2 tickets and 1 book)

Military historian and Sunday Times bestselling author Antony Beevor joins us to talk about his latest book Arnhem.

On 17 September 1944, General Kurt Student, the founder of Nazi Germany’s parachute forces, heard the growing roar of aeroplane engines. He went out on to his balcony above the flat landscape of southern Holland to watch the air armada of Dakotas and gliders carrying the British 1st Airborne and the American 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions. He gazed up in envy at this massive demonstration of paratroop power.

Operation Market Garden, the plan to jump the Rhine by capturing the bridge at Arnhem was a rash gamble. The cost of failure was horrendous, above all for the Dutch. A British fascination for heroic failure has clouded the story in myths. In Arnhem, Beevor, using Dutch, British, American, Polish and German archives, looks into the very heart of war.

Antony Beevor’s books, including Stalingard, Berlin – The Downfall, D-Day, The Battle for Spain and Ardennes 1944, have received major prizes in this country and abroad. His books have appeared in thirty-three languages and have sold more than eight million copies.

Tickets are £15 plus booking fee and include a copy of Arnhem (RRP £8.99) or £25 plus booking fee for two tickets and one book.